Our software was created to give every label and every band the chance to give their customers free (or value added) digital downloads to accompany their vinyl purchases without having to constantly pay out new fees. Buy it once, we install it on your hosting account and it’s yours from there. Add an unlimited amount of releases. Generate an unlimited number of coupon codes. Print your own coupon codes and insert them into the vinyl sleeves. It’s that easy. Your customers can now use the provided coupon code and URL to get their digital copy. Once their code has been used it can’t be shared and will expire within 48 hours.

Vinyl sales saw large gains in 2008 and have shown continual growth year after year. Most labels and bands are taking advantage of this and digital downloads are the perfect companion to those beautiful pieces of vinyl.
  • Admin panel to add releases, add coupon codes, print codes, reset codes and backup your database.
  • Add up to three types of downloads per release (ie: iTunes AAC, Mp3, Flac).
  • Compatible with most popular multi-threaded download managers.
  • Customize customer download area and coupons using basic html/css. Easily replace our logo to make it brandless. Comes with both dark background or light background styles.
  • Comes with basic documentation for usage, installation/moving and possible customizations.
  • Installed by the developer to ensure a secure and bug free setup or install it yourself (Optional)
We can also customize our software to meet your needs. Want an additional feature? Visual customizations? Contact us for a quote.
System Requirements

The software should be installed by us to ensure a secure and bug free setup. We will tailor the installation to the strengths of your server. You can install the software on your own but it will require some server knowledge.
  • PHP 5+ (with safe_mode off)
  • MySQL 4+ (with unicode support)
  • Apache (with mod_rewrite support)
  • Ioncube (loader installation included, if needed and supported)
  • Enough disk space and bandwidth to support your vinyl downloads.
The most popular web hosts such as media temple, blue host and dreamhost support this very common setup. Not sure if you meet these requirements? Contact us and we'll help you figure it out.