How it works

1) Manage Releases

This is the first part of the management section. Here you can add new releases, manage existing ones, upload files and give file titles.

You can upload up to three files and either give each file a title or use the filename by default.
2) Generate Codes

Generating coupon codes is very easy. Simply select the release and input the amount of codes you want to generate. The codes will generate and become available for printing or listing.

You can add an unlimited amount of codes to a release, so if you run out of codes, or do a new pressing of your record, you would just add a new set of codes.
3) Print Your Codes

Our software allows you to print your own codes using a consumer printer. Optionally you can supply a plain list of codes to a print shop with your own template and have them professionally printed.

The printing function uses CSS printing extensions so that every page prints evenly. This way you can print thousands of codes and use a paper cutter.

The logo, text, spacing and font are customizable.
4) Customer Area

Once your customers have received their codes they will be able to access the customer area to retrieve their download.

Most aspects of this area are customizable and could even be integrated with your website.

Shown here: "Dark" theme
5) Customer Downloads

Once the customer has inputted a valid code they will have access to the downloads for that particular release. Once they start a download, their code is activated and is only accessible by them. The code will expire within 48 hours, or when their IP is changed. This way users can download multiple formats if available.

Shown here: "Light" theme
6) Reset Codes

In the event that a customer has an issue with their code you may need to reset it. This area allows you to reset single codes as necessary.

If the code they have supplied is invalid, the system will let you know. If the code they have supplied is simply expired, it will be reset so it can be used again.
7) Database Backup

We know and you should know how important it is to backup your vinyl downloads database. Since you're printing out hard copies of codes it's extremely important that those codes get backed up. This is why we have included a database backup utility which takes out the technical knowledge needed to do a proper backup.

Backups of the software and your uploads would be done separately, but they are replaceable unlike your generated codes.

Even if your hosting company uses Raid to protect your account and makes multiple backups a day, you can never be too safe.