Terms of Service

Vinyl Download software comes with no warranty and no person or no company can be held responsible or liable for any consequential, incidental or direct damages suffered in the course of using the Vinyl Download software.

Vinyl Download software can not be used in such a manner as to make a profit off of it by selling any number of codes to other labels, bands, agencies, etc. The software is intended for internal use only and usage should not be sold to 3rd parties. The license holder is entitled to charge for the digital downloads provided, but may not sell usage of the Vinyl Download product to 3rd parties. The only profit which can be derived from Vinyl Download is direct profit for digital downloads provided by the licensee, no profit can be made by taking money from 3rd parties in exchange for codes or downloads.

In consideration for the grant of the license and the use of Vinyl Download, Licensee agrees to pay Vinyl Download the sum of license fee. Each license is valid for one (1) domain name and is non-transferable, to a new domain, subdomain, or otherwise. Each license is for one (1) copy of the software and cannot be installed or copied multiple times on one (1) or multiple servers.

The purchase of the Vinyl Download software includes initial installation but does not make Vinyl Download (or any other company or persons) responsible for fixing, moving or correcting any installations after the initial installation is complete.

In the event that installation can not be completed, or Vinyl Download is not confident in the security of the installation, the option for a full refund will be offered to the payee.

Vinyl Download agrees to provide a reasonable amount, in this case at least 1 year, of support for the software to keep it functional in the general sense of bugs and other issues arising. In the case of new versions of PHP and MySQL, Vinyl Download does not make any guarantee that the software will remain operable if new versions are installed, but would certainly make reasonable attempts to keep it operable with new versions of software.

Updates, fixes, patches will be made available at no cost from Vinyl Download via email, however it will be the responsibly of the Licensee to install these fixes, these files are considered post-installation items, and are the licensee's responsibility.

Support is provided through email only. Once installation is complete and the installation is deemed stable, installation support is completed and the database and software becomes the licensee's responsibility and only usage support is provided (amount of support is given in days during ordering).